Kai Jansen

last updated on 06/07/18

A lot of my musical education took place 'out-of-hours', and included hearing & seeing and being influenced by the likes of Pentangle, Tom Paxton, Julie Felix, Bob Marley, John Martyn and Santana. Leeds being a thoroughly musical place in the late-60's/early 70's I was lucky… Read more

Lifeforms - 4th album
Worlds Apart.mp3
Leave It Alone.mp3
The Naked Road.mp3
Currency Of Love - original album version.mp3
Life Is Good.mp3
Happiness Is.mp3
All (All I Need Is You For Christmas).mp3
Take My Hand, Take My Heart.mp3
Now And Then.mp3

Employment History

Producer - Currency Of Love

Peartree Recordings 1989

8/2017 - until now

Performer & Producer of 4-track EP/single - download-only

Producer - All (All I Need Is You For Christmas)

Peartree Recordings 1989

12/2016 - until now

Reworked Xmas 7" vinyl-single from 1987 and added to a 4-track EP/single

Producer - The Only Revolution

Peartree Recordings 1989

11/2016 - until now

Singer-songwriter/performer & producer of all-original 5th album

Producer - Now And Then

Peartree Recordings 1989

10/2011 - until now

Songwriter/performer & producer of 6-track EP/single (2011)

Producer - LIFEFORMS

Peartree Recordings 1989

6/2002 - until now

Singer-songwriter/performer & producer of 'in-studio/live' 4th album (solo)

Producer - Worlds Apart

Peartree Recordings 1989

1/1996 - until now

Singer-songwriter/composer/arranger & producer of 3rd album (all-original)

Producer - PASSPORT

Peartree Recordings 1989

8/1991 - until now

Composer/arranger/performer & producer of 2nd album(instrumental)

Producer - Sari: Peartree in the Wilderness

Peartree Recordings 1989

8/1989 - until now

Songwriter/composer/arranger/performer & producer of 1st album

Producer - All I Need Is YOu For Christmas

Peartree Recordings 1989

8/1987 - until now

Produced 7" vinyl single for MRAP - as part of the mastering the lacquer was produced in Abbey Road Studios


Farnborough Grammar

Leeds College Of Music

Other Skills / Additional Information

Grade 8 - Guitar

F.T.C.L. - (Performance-guitar/Fellowship Trinity College London

L.T.C.L. - (Music performance/Licentiate Trinity College London