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- All the songs were influenced in one way or another by John Lennon over a period of time, especially the first three -                                                                                                                          

Track 1 - 'Leave It Alone' - written in 1984, a personal song. You could say this was my antidote  to a longstanding relationship . . .
Track 2 - 'Diamonds' is specifically about Lennon's main Legacy, his songs, and his sudden death, written in 2001.
Track 3 - from 1993. In 'Everything Hangs Together' I tried to 'copy' his vocal writing style.

Now & Then      
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Track 4 -  'Take My Hand, Take My Heart' - a reggae number & a kind of 'declaration of independence'

Track 5 'Now and Then'  - light relief. 'Salsa' with a purpose!... from 2011, bringing me full circle to one of my musical roots... Brazil . . !

Track 6 - to finish with is a Lennon tune, 'Grow Old Along With Me' and probably one of the sweetest songs he ever wrote.
Sadly stopped from recording it in style, his version, released posthumously (on 'Milk and Honey'), was a demo with piano, drum machine and vocals.
 The idea here was to re-create a similar atmosphere, adding strings sounds and a 'pianistic' guitar style.
The bells at the opening are there to remind you of  two particular tunes by Lennon. If you can't remember which, click on the interview below.

. . .  an excellent interview with Jack Douglas, Lennon's' last record producer, - from the link imediately above . . .