I first started writing songs with my sister way back in
1965. Needless to say the first tunes were pretty silly, a
bit like the stuff that passes for 'pop' now, except that they
market & sell it, and we were too embarrassed to bother,
always looking for that original and very BIG tune (with words!)
A few phases later, I was using poems by Blake, Yeats, Brooke
& others, not thinking that this was unusual as there was so much
creative stuff around in the 60's & 70's, it was hard to know what not
to listen to...
It's much easier now. There is hardly any difference between songs or
singers...  just a lot of stuff sounding the same...  albeit nicely packaged...

. . original acoustic version from 'LIFEFORMS' (below)
                                              . . . with
the band-version from 'NowAndThen' (above)

                                ..but then I watch really young kids listening to me,
                             I realise that there is some hope for all of us and
                             we just have to sit & wait for the next great age
                             to magically appear whilst ignoring all that
                             dross,...and there is such a lot of dross...
                             On a positive note, I see a lot of young boys
and to a lesser extent, some young girls
                             carrying guitars & bags of stuff around...
                             Maybe some of them are bothering to
                             read 'the dots' as well..?!?