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Brexit song
from an ardent 'Brexiteer

     Splitting up more than two years ago                                                                                               Look what the Polish achieved 
    Was the best thing we ever did                                                                                                         Their long march to freedom was hard   
    You managed to put on such a good show                                                                                      Saying no to the powers, they believed
    Trying to keep down the lid                                                                                                                Would shake off the shackles that scarred  
    The ivy will strangle and grow                                                                                                            And our freedoms will not be deceived          
    And break the facade you hid                                                                                                           By the snakes of the EU vanguard          
    But the love has been lost and we know                                                                                          By the will of the people, relieved 
    Who are you trying to kid?                                                                                                                 From your diktats & identity card   
    Leave means leave                                         Leave means leave                                                  Leave means leave
    What else could it mean                                 There's nothing quite as free                                    What else could I say
    Leave means leave                                         Leave means leave                                                  Leave means leave
    There's no inbetween                                      What else could it be                                                This is a good day           
    As I take the high road                                    Yesterday's garbage                                                 When people are cheering
    And you take the low                                       You carry and save                                                    For where they belong 
    At least this is my road                                    With notions of wisdom                                            It's back to the 60's
    While you walk in tow                                      That won't make you brave                                       When freedom was strong
    With yesterday's baggage                              Your corporate allegiance                                        The spirit of life 
    And those who don't know                              Just serves to enslave                                               Will burst in to song
    That freedom is precious                                When men become objects                                     For those who Remain
    To those who walk slow                                   It's freedom they crave                                              You will know you were wrong
   *Leave means leave
    What else could it mean
    Leave means leave
    There is no inbetween  (rpt *)
    Leave means leave
    And it's the best thing we ever did
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