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Life is fun
With each day
Just a simple smile
Takes the blues away
Like so many things
Not what we say    
It's easier just to try it

When all around us
News is bad
It makes me glad
When I leave my old anxiety
I'm grateful that
I'm not too fat
And my heart still beats with flippancy
To a new melody . . .

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Life is good
Where've you been?
Have you been outside,
And what have you seen?
In the rain and snow
I'm not too keen
But you don't seem to mind it

When all the world is
Circling time with clocks all of their own
Though anywhere
If you should dare
Like a dog chewing on his favourite bone
Nothing to talk about
Wagging your tail
Taking a walkabout
No one to tell
How you are well
How you are well