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                  No Gigs @ present

Available for 'private functions' only

and recordings are always available
as CDs or Downloads

LAST RECORDING available as a download:
Title: ONE GOOD MAN (1-track, 2 versions + lyric pdf & sleeves 1n & 2)
(words & music by Kai Jansen)

Think Scott Walker crossed with Kurt Weill & you get a vague idea of where this may fit.
It's a fitting reaction to the current
state of things & an idea for an entry in to SONG UK 2020, a yearly song competition, with a new 'CRISIS' category ... whatever that means!

Like Weill & Brecht in the 1920's & 30's, we live in a strange time where the 'Voldemorts' of our times think they may
do anything they like with us & we'll just 'happily' go along with it all . . .
Well, I have a message for them & their minions . .  which is far too rude to reprint here!
You can however catch my twitter page at https://twitter.com/PeartreeRec1989 where all is made perfectly clear.

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