1964 - 73

Began learning guitar in Singapore and joined three Chinese brothers in 1965 for a Shadows-style-group, resulting in a charity event for 2000 children. Returned to the U.K. in December '66,  before 'the band' started doing local radio & TV.
Took up classical lessons in '67 and played locally around Hampshire in as many folk clubs I could get time in, where I met Fiona Simpson, (later of 'Therapy' a reasonably well-known trio playing colleges and clubs) and with Andrew Baird we formed a brief 'Seekers'-style group. I later heard that Andrew was in the banking sector (always knew he had criminal tendencies!).
From 1969, I spent 4 years at the City of Leeds College of Music and played all the folk clubs around. Practiced hours every day, sang in 2 choirs, formed a duo with guitar & lute teacher Roger Child, playing recitals in the  Leeds and Manchester areas and with flautist Elaine Kershaw, performed in Leeds area local wine-bars for two or three years in the early 70's.
A lot of my musical education took place 'out-of-hours', and included hearing & seeing and being influenced by the likes of Pentangle, Tom Paxton & Julie Felix. Leeds being a thoroughly musical place in the late-60's/early 70's I was lucky enough to hear John Williams & Julian Bream together, and all the major classical orchestras of the of the day at the Leeds Town Hall. Other venues visited included The Grand Theatre (Spike Milligan & Wagner's 'Rheingold'), the Leeds University Union and Refectory Halls (John Martyn, Santana & Bob Marley) and at the local folk clubs the likes of the late-Jake Thackray.

1970 - 71

A one year publishing contract with Burlington Music, Maddox Street, (a subsidiary of Chappell’s Music, New Bond Street, London) led to initial appearances on National BBC-TV, Scottish BBC, Radio2 and local BBC radio, as support act to Mike D’Abo (ex-Manfred Mann), Nina (of Nina and Frederick). Guest support to Bridget St. John, at Leeds Polytechnic

1972 - 77
 Small concerts & classical recitals in the Leeds/Manchester areas. Played on & arranged 6 tracks on the last Tom Yates album for Satril,
"Song of the Shimmering Way" (Satril 1975)

Since 1980 Hotel work, restaurants, wine-bars, pubs, private functions and conferences in London and the South-East and began a 23 year association with Covent Garden
1987 - 89 Played bass, guitar & vocals in Los Primos, a Latin-funk 4-piece with humour
1988 3 months musical residency with ‘Los Primos’ in Oranda-Mura (Holland Village) nr. Nagasaki, Japan. Also headed a solo concert at the nearby Sasebo City Jazz Club, leading a small band made up of Los Primos and local musicians
Since 1990 Have performed at many UK festivals, including Glastonbury twice, Birmingham twice, Kings Lynn, Guildford six times, Chichester and numerous smaller concerts and other events throughout the UK, including support to Jackie Levin, Scotland’s uniquely strange & great singer-songwriter.
July 1999 Performances around the Guernsey capital, St Peter Port, for the Liberation Day Celebrations
Aug. 2000 Played a 'Diva Dinner' – after the Opera Festival on neighbouring island, Jersey
 Oct. 2002 Rugby Super-league Grand Final Event at Old Trafford, Manchester – support to Samantha Mumba and 30-minute broadcast on SKY-TV,
in front of 64,000 people!
2003 - 06 Continued with concerts, charity events, festivals and ongoing work  mentioned above, with  bumper years for private engagements in 2004/05, working for Cafe Rouge & PIZZA EXPRESS,  amongst others . . .  Apparently was a finalist in the ISDN song-competition 2005 with  a song called 'Shadows'. Played British Inventors Show '06 - Alexandra Palace (Press Night & Dinner)
2007 - Great cross-section of gigs this year with more gigs than ever before, including a wedding in the beautiful Castle Neuburg on the island of Fyn, Denmark
2008 -  Started off this year with a bang and did three rounds of Britain's Got Talent. Played on a Sony (Print by Sony) promotional video in Basingstoke. The rest of the year spent playing very many private and fewer public gigs except for the only restaurant to have survived into 2009: PAZZIA in Sunninghill where I saw the year out with a bang!
2009  - This year has been spent entertaining at very many private and public venues around the south and south-east of the U.K. with the occasional forage up north beyond the Watford Gap.
December was pretty crowded with a variety of engagements, finishing off with a New Year's Eve party @  PAZZIA where I have now been engaged for three and a half years running.
2010  - 11 Playing much as usual with a combination of street-events and indoor gigs. Still doing PAZZIA but added Penny Hill Park in 20011, just down the road in Bagshot. Regular gig at the GEORGE Inn, Finchdean has expanded again.
New recording called 'Now and Then' began in '11 as well, which is a proposed E.P.single dedicated to the memory of John Lennon, finally released on Dec.8th. the day of his death in 1980. I figured people should be talking of World Peace rather than expanding the whole notion of 'endless war'. Gave a CD to Chris Evans (Radio 2 DJ, in case you were wondering) at PAZZIA, as he has been a regular customer. I was a bit embarresed to foist it on him, but, these things have to be done . . . besides, he may like it, he may not -  we'll see. Sorry Chris, but I was thinking of the greater good and my kids, for what it's worth.
2012 Had some luck and got airplay for the new E.P.single on HFM, based in Market Harborough and broadcasting throughout the midlands on the Richard Oliff 'Drivetime' prog.  Now a proposed new broadcast happening soon from Kent, details to follow.
2013 Retired myself from PAZZIA (finally , after 6 and 1/2 years!) and a few pubs (got sick of them!) and took on another job driving. I am now
a 'Knight of the Road' and loving every minute...
well not quite every minute, but it certainly is different!
Meanwhile August and September are being booked up and I may go back to full time playing, although in no rush to do so . . .
Looks like New Year's Eve may be a private House Party this year and that's a first, if we can work out the details... you know - money!
2014-16 The last 3 & 3/4 yrs have been spent running around these British Isles, just not in the capacity of musician. Carried on with Penny HIll Park but we're having a reest from each other while I rethink the future . . .  well, it looks like I'll be playing to the ghost of H.G.Wells on Christmas Eve at the famous or infamous 'Drum' in Petersfield. It's gone through a wide variety of changes, was always a cycling pub, but it's a smart place now with a cosy restaurant, beautiful upstairs rooms, a garden terrace, and a small conference centre planned in what looks like a barn . . .  and Mr. Wells may well pop by ('scuse the pun) - you never know -
2 New releases, just too late for Xmas but they are listed below, along with a new download page


1987 Recorded Xmas single for MRAP Records, London
1989 Began own record label, Peartree Recordings, and produced 1st album To return to:
1990 Released first album - ‘SARI: Peartree in the Wilderness’ (vocal & arranged instruments)  Private Functions
1991 - 92 Recorded & released 2nd album - 'PASSPORT' - instrumental guitar album Bookings
1995 - 96 Recorded third album - 'Worlds Apart' (all-original & arranged song-album) released in 1996  PublicGigs
2002 - Recorded and released fourth album - 'LIFEFORMS' (live, solo, vocal & guitar)   CDs
2010 -  Working on songs & ideas for several recordings one of which will be released later this year Home
2011 - 12 Recorded and released 'Now and Then' , a new E.P. 6-track single dedicated to John Lennon
2015 - 16 Recorded and released 'The Only Revolution' an 11 track album, inspired by a book of the same name and the work of Jiddu Krishnamurti, longtime speaker on human affairs...
2016 Re-released an old vinyl single from 1987 for Xmas called 'All I Need Is You For Christmas' reworked and harmonised on mini-CD or download along with two tracks from T.O.R. above